PhotoExperience: P3Studios Cori Twigg

My first shoot in 2017 was an absolute blast. Over the past three years I have not done much in the way of my work. Something that really disheartened because photography is my absolute passion. One my main goals for the new year was to get back in hard and heavy. Research, restructure and re-brand, what I called the triple R's was my mantra. One thing I have learned living here in the Pacific Northwest is how big the art culture is here and this was something that I initially found intimidating.

I started to feel that there was no room for me. Yes, I do great work but if nobody knows your name, then what does that make you? You're forsaken, an artist whose work is abandoned and deserted. So I started doing my research and one thing that I learned was that I did not have to worry about market saturation. Clients are going to know you by your products and your services. So even though my work stood out for itself, I would have to take a look at how I offered it.

I had to do some restructuring. One of the biggest things that I am setting in motion is partnering with my best friend Nicole Slye. Nicole is a Marketing Operations Manager and has a strong passion for photography. Our partnership is equally rewarding in that she would be a great asset in helping me to promote my business more and I in turn could take her under my wing and show her how to grow in the craft. Aside from her interest in photography, Nicole also takes up pole dancing. This afforded us the fine opportunity of having a Photo Experience® with Cori Twigg or Twiggy as she known on stage, of P3Studios.

Cori is an instructor at TeamFitness in Lake Stevens, WA. She was first introduced to pole in 2013 when she won a pole dance party for being the 200th person to “like” a studio on Facebook. She loved the challenge and immediately signed up for classes and hasn’t stopped since. Pole dancing taught her how to find comfort in her own skin, to love the person she is both inside and out. With a love for fitness and an awakened desire to be a dancer, she continued to grow and learn within the pole community.

Beyond her pole and dance life, Cori works in the Finance department for a non-profit organization, providing employment services to persons with disabilities. She volunteers for various social events and has been recognized as Volunteer of the Year. She is happily married and a mother of 4 children, the youngest being 14. She loves sharing her passion for fitness, pole and Liquid Motion®. Nothing makes her happier than seeing her students dance at the end of a class. See you until my next blog and enjoy the images.