Window Light Series: Maggie Gray

 Hello everyone, so continuing with my experimental working simple; "Window Light Series" this is from a recent shoot I did with model Maggie Gray. Maggie and I expressed an interest in working together after meeting on Model Mayhem. I told her about my series and she was very interested but scheduling was an issue. Over the course of a couple weeks she threw out some ideas on the wardrobe she was thinking of and I also told her that since the weather was being on it's best behavior, we should do something by the beach.
Maggie came over and brought over some wonderful pieces. We picked the ideas for the Window Light session and then a few, including a bikini for the beach session. I love working with models like Maggie who just can hit pose after pose and even moreso with her is the sheer innocence she has at times. She laughed at that notion when I told her that suffice to say.
We nailed the Window Light session in about an hour. I tend to shoot very fast especially when I have everything planned and laid out. We packed up and headed on down to Howarth Park.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous and tide was very low, wish I had taken the opportunity to snap a few shot but I aim to do more for future blogs. Aside from the gawking railroad workers everything went well. Actually we were kind of off paying attention to the tide which started coming in quickly and got some of our stuff wet. All in all, it was another wonderful shoot down the pipes. Maggie was a joy to work and I look forward to working with her again. You can view some of the images below, hope you enjoy and stat tune to my next Window Light Series feature.

Window Light Series: Lorena Gabriela

For my latest series I decided to go with a bit of Occam's Razor, you know that which works simplest is sometimes that which works best. I quite often see photographers talking about all of the expensive gear that they have and showing off their high end studio spaces and this moved me to thought. Photography is less about the cost of the tools you have; camera, light, studios etc and more about your knowledge, skill and creativity on how to use those tools. Our biggest tool as photographers is light and one of the essential things is having an understanding of light, its behavior and how best to use it.
I wanted to do a set of portraits using as simple a set up as possible. On Amazon I bought the Fancierstudio Muslin backdrop Muslin Background  which was really cheap at $12.99. I had a good laugh  when it arrived because it was pretty much a tie dyed bed sheet, but hey you get what you pay for. So with a tie dyed sheet, some push pins and a big window, I was set to create some art. I contacted my friend and amazing model Nine Lorena Gabriela, she came over and we shot for about an hour. In keeping with my keeping it simple thought process I also did not spend a whole lot of time doing post work. For each image I spent about 30 minutes tops. I will be continuing this series so stay tuned and more than likely I will do a video on the post work. Feel free to message me if you have any questions and enjoy.

The fancy swanky studio and way expensive light source and model working doing her thang